31 May 2009

Illustration - IF - Adapt

Hello Everyone, it's being a while I posted in IF. How do you do?
I am sure everyone can adapt to the Summer season easily after a long cold Winter and rainy Spring !

*** Fa La La **** Fa La La ****


Momo said...

Such a happy illustration. Very lovely!

yoon see said...

Hi May! How are you?
Hope you are well adapting to seasons change as always:)
Beautiful and sunny illo, boy boy so cute!!!

angels said...

Very very lovely!
Nice blog! I like your cooker on your french toast, and love a lot the background music!

Faruffa said...

Lovely lovely lovely!!!
I can feel the summer in this illo :o)

the enigma said...

what a sweet illo!! love everything here, especially the red birdie on top of his hat ^^

thedoodlegirl said...

How cute! Love it!

Eugenia Gina said...

Hi May! long time no see. this must be the illo of your son right? hem hem hem :D

Pea said...

beautiful work! so cute and adorable! Love the colour scheme too! The bird on the boy's head is like a cheery on the cake :)

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thank you friends!
It's great to see you all again!
Thanks for taking time to leave comments.


Yer,, but he still on 3 wheels..