03 January 2009

Snow Play

Quick snap shots on Snowy Play day!


yoon see said...

Hi May,
Thanks for sharing so many new and interesting feature in your blog. The header is brand new, comes with a "MOO" Chinese New Year greeting and spirit in advance.

Your Boy Boy is so adorable.
Is he shy in front of camera?
Certainly not....
Well, I think he got a natural smile. the first snow play picture here really suggest fun play!
Did you all made a Snowman?

I love your digital scrapbook.
This is the reason to smile and remember the sweet memories play again and again even boy boy grows up later:)

Too bad, I can't experience such snow play moment here in Malaysia!
At least i can share your joy here:)

Yoon See

claudio said...
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Bella Sinclair said...

Hi, May! Your boy is absolutely adorable. And I see his two missing teeth. Hahaha! Looks like such fun in that thick, clean snow. I miss it. I miss watching my kids sled down the front lawn with the dog chasing beside. And how exciting about the salt water fish tank! Lots of hard work, but so beautiful. And very heartwarming to see that father-son bond. Thanks so much for the photos!

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thank you Yoon See and Bella
I am sincerely thanks to your comments at all time! You two are very kind and sweet to me, I can't express well how I enjoy reading your note, it's great! and thanks for the friendship!