01 January 2009

Father and Son hobby!

My husband setting up the Salt water fish tank for months now.
And I was quite impress by it, it's his first Salt water fish tank!He has regular fish tank for years but never had a Salt water fish tank, and I don't really care about his fish tank before. Now, with his many months of hard work, research, patiently set up and decorate the tank, I slowly find it quite unique and enjoy watching this colorful water world. As a matter of fact, my boy is learning so much about Salt Water fishes and reefs. He even tell me about their type, diet and behavior. I was amaze!I tried to teach my boy to draw, to gain his interests in drawings, but he doesn't really care much! However, with his dad fish tank hobby, he love it and wanting to read more books about Marine life (he always love animal books and watch animal channels). He love sharing his knowledge with me, well, sort of like a teacher teaching ! And I really enjoy his enthusiasm in sharing and he sound so interesting!Daddy is a good influential ! They both have strong bond!

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