12 February 2012

軟糖蛋糕_Happy Valentines Days! 情人節快樂!

Just Finished Another Mini size Fondant cake - Valentines Theme. ✌
Happy Valentines Days! 情人節快樂!

這軟糖蛋糕大约我的手掌心大,而小鳥大约小過一吋'所以做時對我的老花眼可能加深幾倍 ♉

This Fondant cake is about size of my palm, the birds is smaller than 1 inch, so making this mini fondant art is really a challenge, but, making mini size is more fun than a big size cake, it's much harder to do...

Taking this picture under terrible lighting, so edit the picture color in saturated effects!

To all a Happy Valentines Day!.


yoon see said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you dear May!

prince n princess mum said...


MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thank you Yoon See.
Thank you P n P mommy.. :)

Jen. said...

Such an adorabl cake! Love the simple elegance of your decoration. Especially the birds. These are exactly the kind of birds I've envisioned having on my best friend's bridal shower cake.

Would you be able to share your tips or tricks on making these birds?

Thanks much for sharing :)


MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Hi Jen
Thanks for visiting.
Yes, I can share my tip creating the bird.
However, I am a self taught making Fondant art, so I may not be good in explaining in words, I will try to snap a step by step image to show you how..
The bird is quite small, about size of my Thumbs, therefore, forming the shape of bird is not very hard, but if you are thinking to make the bird bigger, not sure my way can create the same effects. Please give me some time, I have been quite busy with work and family,Please check back or contact me directly with your email address. Bye.