20 September 2007


Tonight,,,, I am going to watch their show,,,,,,,,,, thanks to CM for 2 free tickets, Lately I am so busy with boy started school, running all the time. Now it's time just for me and my friend's Irene, enjoy my time off, dress up and party,,,,,yahoooooooooooooo! Thanks to sister to babysit my boy,, Ooii don't drive him nuts arr, you both go crazy when together..


四位多才多藝、形象百變的電視紅人鄧萃雯、馬德鐘、曹永廉(原本是謝天華)、陳敏之專程蒞臨溫哥華、卡加利 and Toronto與擁躉會面。多謝小妹俾飛睇戲,有助我依嗰fulltime師奶出吓去娛樂扮靚睇show....... 因為自從仔仔番學後、時间吾見洗!早睡早起啦,由朝忙到黑、都唔知D時間會過得咁快!

I entered boy-boy picture to futureshop photo contest, send out to friends and family to vote for me, shame on me, ha? But it's not just the skills that count, it's the networking count most, that's why there's no rule about the voting system, it mean the contest is open to whom have most networking qua??? Heheheeeeeeee, I wish I wish I wish I win, coz I am unemployed and poor,,, if not I try next time lor.......加油!Today is the dead line, and I sent out the request last night, chance is slim but quite motivated with total 20 (combine with 2 pictures votes) from unknown voter lor,,,,
Got this from email,,,,,, QUEEN OF THE BLOND so 貼切

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