25 August 2006

Hiking in Kananaski_ Prairie view Trail

Long time no see, here some photos taken last week.
Summer almost come to end,,, Trying to enjoy everyday of it.........
Hubby arranged a lot of outdoor activities for us. We went hiking last weekend in one of the trail in Kananaski Country sites.My sister's Elaine and my boyI like to dedicated this picture to Earthone who I promised to take her to Banff, but she return to Singapore early, we have no chance to meet each other.. Perhaps Next time..
This picture I took here just nice, but compare with Banff,,,,still far behind .. so, come see it yourself..

Come!! visit me with twinmom in future, sure take you explore the beauty of National park in Alberta.
It's Brayden second time Hiking up in the wood way to the top of hills. He did well, except need hubby and my sister's Elaine to carry him up in some way, My hubby and Sister's Elaine very fits, no problem for them to do so, as for me, I can't carry him because I am having trouble hiking up Hills :( (for not being a regular exercise person), but he came all the way down with no help. Good job Brayden!It's a real good and fun outdoor activities.. Brayden still young to enjoy the nature compare with we the adult, but thru out the trail, we see many things, from wild flowers , inserts to small animals(like squirrel)..(didn't see Mouse or Deer this time. Bear is still around, but we do not want to see it, too dangerous! Once a while, we have to shout out loud to scare the bear away...)
There are many butterflies , Brayden get to catch them with fun, We told him it's a fun things to do without playing with any toys....... something Me and my sibbling use to do when we are kids....Hiking...............is Fun.........

My Boy.......... very exshauted............ lots of hard work walk up the hills......
Hard work pay off... Up aBout 1/3 trail, nice view...Precious moment,,, Money can't buy

Berries.......... Bear food..........White berries........
Very unique Heart shape berries,, cacoon........

Wild flowersweed........
More wild flowersbefore "flower"
After "Tenderlion"
Wild yellow roses


烦妈妈 said...

wowwwww....can't have enough with your wonderful pictures...what a nice place...
Brayden is getting bigger...:) hug him for me, would u? :)

Anonymous said...

Yah, all the pics so nice! I like the grasshopper one. Thanks for the poster ! :)

shd post more. last post stopped at your father's card. how is he liao?


荦怡 said...

All photo taken from you? Are you a photographer? The pics is so nice!
Ha..ha.. what camera you use?

Zara's Mama said...

Very very beautiful!! So envious!

I really like the hiking/walking trails and national parks in Western countries.. so well maintained and beautiful..

You get to see lots of wild life too huh?? So nice!

Blogie-Talkie said...

thanks ChuiPin,,, time for you to update yours,, let me see baby FanFan lor

thank you ar,,, my father doing ok now,, still need to watch on his diet,, soon he will be fatty fatty again,,,,

no lar,, how can I be pro now,, I touch up most my pictures in photoshop prior post it up.

Zara's mama
hey,, you bet yar,, over here people just love nature and Summer is short, everyone just spending every minutes outside if possible... I got influenced by the culture and my husband just love sports so much,, i have to go along to get fit too.